IAE GROUP | Vietnam's premier private education group

Institute of American Education (IAE) was founded on the principles of innovation, excellence, and dedication to define and afresh the way higher education is delivered in Vietnam. The programs offered by our members are a significant departure from the norm, thoroughly designed to achieve the overarching goal of providing a truly American education opportunity.

Through its many educational services, IAE and its members seek to empower the new generation of Vietnamese students by forming an all-around platform for human capital investments. Ranging from an overseas education consulting service package to a full-fledged collegiate program, IAE integrally predisposes itself to transcend and innovate the pathway that interlinks high school, college, and future career of its students.

Holding the motto of “transcending institutions and individuals” at the heart of our operation, coupled with the default inclination to foster students’ development and the quality of their education, IAE bounds to strive as one of the leading education providers.